The Power of Personal Leadership

Leadership is the most over-used word of the last year in
fact I would go as far as to say in the past decade. Everyone I meet, whether face-to-face
or on-line, has an opinion on what constitute leadership, particularly good

So what is leadership?

Well there are as many definitions of leadership as there
are leaders on earth. So here is mine.

Leadership is managing resources – yours and those of others
– in order to get to a predetermined goal. You start by managing your personal
resources such as time, energy and money, your thoughts, feelings and attitude,
before you can get to manage others around you.  Managing your personal resources effectively means
having a clear understanding of what they are – your intellectual resources
(knowledge and qualifications), your physical resources (money and time), your
social resources (networks and influence) and your emotional resources
(commitment and courage), and then taking control of them in such a way as to get
them to move in formation so that you can reach a predetermined goal.

To get this right is to be able to calibrate the forces of your
four personal resources, that is, intellectual, physical, social and emotional.
This level of consciousness allows you to calibrate your vibrations in a way
that works for you – a way that creates personal power you need in order to do
the things you want to do. This is personal leadership at its most powerful. By
taming your wayward inner forces of mind, body, heart and spirit to move in
formation you release incredible personal power.

  • Personal power is what attracts others to you,
    others who want to follow you…..
  • Personal power is what allows you to ‘design the
    way, walk the way and show others the way…’

Leadership comes from knowing that making a decision and
having the courage and the energy to move towards that decision is the
quality that influences others to want to follow you. If you aspire to be a
leader you need to show others that by following you they will achieve their personal
goals more effectively. Why? Because you know where you are going and how to
get there – and you can show them the way!
Making a decision and designing the plan of action to get you there is
expected of a leader. Such a plan allows you to access the full might of your
power and the power of those around you. By having confidence in yourself you
compel others to have confidence in you.

As a true leader ‘you do what you say, you say what you
mean, and mean what you say’.  This is PERSONAL
LEADERSHIP an essential quality for living a full life. Never forget that whether
you want to lead others or not, Personal Leadership comes before the Leadership
of Others!


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