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The Princess & The Pea

The Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea

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FREE Career Advice in Real time!!

Are you frustrated with your career progress? Are you confused with what steps to take next? Join us on Purple Cloud Careers, a page dedicated to troubleshooting careers issues and sharing information. Please like us and join us in the conversation…..

Please NOTE!!! Every Tuesday from 18h00 -19h00 we will be discussing careers and their problems in Real Time ….

We all have careers – whether we are self-employed or work for others. Our career is the tool we use to earn our daily bread. It is also the way society defines us whether we like it or not ….the first thing people ask as is “What do you do?’ A career serves as a means for self-expression and self-actualisation. Finally we spend most of our lives working therefore it makes sense that we take time to think about what we want to spend our lives doing and how we want to do it. .

Career Intelligence is the number ONE skill required for success in this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous workplace. Whether you are 20 something at the Exploration Career Stage, a 30 something at the Establishment Career Stage, a 40 something at the Maintenance or Transition Career Stage and even a 50 something Plus at the Disengagement Legacy Stage, career tips, tricks and tools will help improve your work life and thus increase the quality of your life

Come and join the conversation and share your wins and your worries with us …. if you cant make the time just drop your query on the Purple Cloud Career Page and we will respond to you asap …..

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Begin 2014 on a Positive Note …. and get the results you deserve….

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Nelson Mandela May you Rest in Peace

There is not much to say to Nelson Mandela except ….. Thank You….Nelson Mandela

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December Workshop – prepare for an amazing 2014 !!!

The Fundamentals of Leadership for

“First Line, First Time” Managers  

                (Purple Cloud Consulting is a Division of HITW Talent Management)

Attend this workshop and get ready for an amazing 2014 …. get ahead of the pack and prepare your team to optimize opportunities that come your way  ….

A three day Managerial Workshop  for R 4995,00 per person (exc VAT). 

Smart, cost effective opportunity to make YOUR BEST BETTER!!!  You know that an A-Team with a B-Plan achieves a great deal more than a B-Team with an A-Plan!    You know that great individual performers seldom become effective managers without expanding their skills and knowledge to go above and beyond. This workshop will go a long way to skill-up your “First Line, First Time” Managers and empower them to become an A-Team!

The Focus Room, Sunninghill, Johannesburg.

Monday 2nd December – Wednesday 4th December 2013 from 08h00 – 16h00

WHAT?   (Key Areas to be covered)

  • Role of a Manager
  • Leadership Styles
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Managing Meetings/Briefings
  • 5 Stages of Effective First Line Management
  • Induction / On-boarding of Staff
  • Effective Delegation. Time Sensitivity, Problem Solving and Decision-Making
  • Dealing With Poor Performance.
  • Understanding Motivation – 10 Ways to Motivate Team.

 Who Should Attend?

  • All first line / first tier managers
  • All  first time managers
  • Anyone promoted into management i.e. PA or Administrator
  • Team leaders, Call centre managers, Office managers
  • Supervisors, Foremen
  • Project coordinators and other team coordinators

 WHY?  (Objectives)
The transition from individual contributor to manager can be difficult – knowing what to expect and how to deal with it allows “First Line, First Time” Managers ™” to adjust quickly into becoming effective managers

Managers attending this course will learn how to:

q  Create a culture of inquiry, actively involve more experienced team members, gain respect and commitment from direct reports and build moderate level of team cohesiveness

q  Establish authority by improving expert and referent power, avoid micromanaging, and empower employees  as well as frame roles and responsibilities through increased self- knowledge, communication, and feedback

q  Maintain personal relationships without alienating other team members

q  Understand the importance of role and key result areas of performance.

q  Assess leadership style and how it impacts on team.

q  Perform the different leadership styles necessary to motivate individual needs.

q  Assess team to understand their motivational needs.

q  Plan, Organise and Implement tasks, to ensure workloads and deadlines are met.

q  Produce a plan of action for monitoring performance.

q  Set and agree goals, with a clear understanding of expectations.

q  Understand the golden rules for giving and receiving feedback.

q  Delegate effectively by using a proven, tried and tested system.

q  Deal with poor performance in a positive manner to increase productivity.




  1. Welcome – Introduction, Check-in and Icebreaker
  2. How to be a great manager through strong leadership
  3. How to manage and organize your department to meet organizational goals


  1. How to manage your employees and build a strong team
  2. How to hire and retain the right people
  3. How to deal with conflict, problems (diversity) and difficult employees


  1. How to put it all together – delegate, manage time, solve problems and make decisions
  2. How to get your point across through the art of business communication
  3. Summary, FAQ  and Check Out


Frances Kazan MBA (UK – 2005),  20+ yrs. of teaching accounting, lecturing business subject, recruiting and developing managerial leadership and implementing retention strategies. Frances is the founder of HITW Talent Management.

Contact details:  / 0833950292

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Continuing on the Ant Story ….

Ants come together without much supervision and accomplish tremendous tasks such as moving pieces of food that are about 30 times their individual sizes. When they are disturbed they re-organize and continue on the line they have created.

For more leadership lessons from the Ants check this article out…





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The Ant and the Corporation …. Talent Management Gone Wrong ….

Talent Management is more than just hiring more people, deploying them in clearly defined jobs, measuring their performance and rewarding them; talent management happens when people’s ability, particularly people’s managerial and leadership ability, is optimised to create the most strategic value ……by integrating the recruitment, the training and the retention tactics to maximise investment…

Here is a story of how talent management can go very, very wrong ……………

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In you want something go get it!!!

If you want something you never had go do things you never did – and do them before it is too late ….  in life we often regret the things we have not done rather than things we have done …..  there is some much latent potential wasted inside …….. don’t be afraid because the worst thing that can happen (dying) will happen anyway ……  here are some links to help you along

  1. Watch                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Brainstorm                                                                                                                                               
  3. Act –                                                                                                                    
  4. Read –                                                 

So what are you going to do today to get closer to the thing you want that you have never had????

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How to make your ideas stick?

According to Contagious: Why Things Catch On  ideas and products that stick tend to be simple, unexpected and credible, with concrete details, an emotional undertow and a memorable story line.

Jonah Berger gives us 6  six principles that help make things go viral:

  1. Social currency (making people feel that they are cool insiders);
  2. Triggers (everyday reminders of an item or idea);
  3. Emotional resonance (making people want to share the experience with friends);
  4. Observability (that is, a highly visible item advertises itself);
  5. Usefulness (people like to share practical or helpful information); 
  6. Storytelling (embedding a product or an idea in a narrative enhances its power).

Here is a critique by the New York times on this book

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Are you in a corporate leadership position or leading your own business??

Then you must be feeling the pressure of Competition, Change and Chaos, continuous, challenging and unrelenting ….

Here is a great tool to help relieve your stress….

Did you find this helpful??? Leave us a comment …

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