In you want something go get it!!!

If you want something you never had go do things you never did – and do them before it is too late ….  in life we often regret the things we have not done rather than things we have done …..  there is some much latent potential wasted inside …….. don’t be afraid because the worst thing that can happen (dying) will happen anyway ……  here are some links to help you along

  1. Watch                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Brainstorm                                                                                                                                               
  3. Act –                                                                                                                    
  4. Read –                                                 

So what are you going to do today to get closer to the thing you want that you have never had????


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How to make your ideas stick?

According to Contagious: Why Things Catch On  ideas and products that stick tend to be simple, unexpected and credible, with concrete details, an emotional undertow and a memorable story line.

Jonah Berger gives us 6  six principles that help make things go viral:

  1. Social currency (making people feel that they are cool insiders);
  2. Triggers (everyday reminders of an item or idea);
  3. Emotional resonance (making people want to share the experience with friends);
  4. Observability (that is, a highly visible item advertises itself);
  5. Usefulness (people like to share practical or helpful information); 
  6. Storytelling (embedding a product or an idea in a narrative enhances its power).

Here is a critique by the New York times on this book

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Are you in a corporate leadership position or leading your own business??

Then you must be feeling the pressure of Competition, Change and Chaos, continuous, challenging and unrelenting ….

Here is a great tool to help relieve your stress….

Did you find this helpful??? Leave us a comment …

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The Fundamentals of Leadership for “First Line, First Time” Managers ™

Purple Cloud-01(Purple Cloud is a division of HITW Talent Management)

Smart Talent Management Workshops 2013 ONLY! 

A three day Managerial Workshop  for R 5995,00 per person (exc VAT). 

Smart, cost effective opportunity to make YOUR BEST BETTER!!!  You know that an  A-Team with a B-Plan is better than a B-Team with an A-Plan!    Build your A-Team = “First Line, First Time” Managers!  Great individual performers seldom become effective managers without the skills and knowledge to go above and beyond ……

The Workshops will be held at:   The Oval Office Park Newlands Building Sloane Street, Epsom Downs Bryanston, Johannesburg
This is an upmarket venue in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg. Meals, refreshments, three workbooks and writing material will be provided.

2 workshops will be held as follows:

15–17 October 2013  OR
12-14 November 2013

WHAT?  (Key Areas to be covered)
• Role of a Manager
• Leadership Styles
• Interpersonal Communication
• Managing Meetings/Briefings
• 5 Stages of Effective First Line Management
• Induction / On-boarding of Staff
• Effective Delegation. Time Sensitivity, Problem Solving and Decision-Making
• Dealing With Poor Performance.
• Understanding Motivation – 10 Ways to Motivate Team.

Who Should Attend?
ü All first line / first tier managers
ü All  first time managers
ü Anyone promoted into management i.e. PA or Administrator
ü Team leaders, Call centre managers, Office managers
ü Supervisors, Foremen
ü Project coordinators and other team coordinators

WHY?  (Objectives)
The transition from individual contributor to manager can be difficult – knowing what to expect and how to deal with it allows “First Line, First Time” Managers ™” to adjust quickly and  transition into effective managers
Managers attending this course will learn how to:

  1. Create a culture of inquiry, actively involve more experienced team members, gain respect and commitment from direct reports and build moderate level of team cohesiveness
  2. Establish authority by improving expert and referent power, avoid micromanaging, and empower employees  as well as frame roles and responsibilities through increased self- knowledge, communication, and feedback
  3. Maintain personal relationships without alienating other team members
  4. Understand the importance of role and key result areas of performance.
  5. Assess leadership style and how it impacts on team.
  6. Perform the different leadership styles necessary to motivate individual needs.
  7. Assess team to understand their motivational needs.
  8. Plan, Organise and Implement tasks, to ensure workloads and deadlines are met.
  9. Produce a plan of action for monitoring performance.
  10. Set and agree goals, with a clear understanding of expectations.
  11. Understand the golden rules for giving and receiving feedback.
  12. Delegate effectively by using a proven, tried and tested system.
  13. Deal with poor performance in a positive manner to increase productivity.

Frances Kazan MBA (UK – 2005),  20+ yrs. of teaching, lecturing and training career seekers and managers –  Began teaching Accounting and Economics to Matrics, followed by start-up recruitment consultancies, to currently business coaching and talent management, focusing on organizational development and turn around strategies to reduce unwanted  staff turnover. She is also lecturing at well-known business schools. Frances uses gaming techniques to ensure the learning that takes place is translated in the workplace.

1. Welcome – Introduction, Check-in and Icebreaker
2. How to be a great manager through strong leadership
3. How to manage and organize your department to meet organizational goals

4. How to manage your employees and build a strong team
5. How to hire and retain the right people
6. How to deal with conflict, problems (diversity) and difficult employees

7. How to put it all together – delegate, manage time, solve problems and make decisions
8. How to get your point across through the art of business communication
9. Summary, FAQ  and Check Out

Don’t Delay – Build Your Talent Today!

Don’t miss this amazing window  to turn your “First Line, First Time” Managers into your A-Team

• Experience immediate improvement in employee performance  and  team cohesion
• Observe increased organisational productivity and better customer satisfaction

Maximum 15 people in workshop – first come first served!

CONTACT DETIALS: /   0833950292

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Its not who you know its who cares about you……

Do not stand in front of me, I may not follow,  do not stand behind me, I may not drive you,  but be beside me and just be my friend. Albert Camus

Who is standing beside you sponsoring your success? Affiliation is the name of the new game in town – its not who you know, not how many facebook friends you have or the size of your database, but who cares about you enough to recommend or introduce you to job/business opportunities that makes a difference to your success.  Show me your connections – not your social connections but your formal connections -those people who are happy to authentically endorse you and your offering and i will be able to assess your potential success …..

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The Art and Science of Presenting to Executives!!

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The 5 Levels of Leadership in Toastmasters

Last night I was award the Golden Gaveller Award by my Club, the Golden Gavel Advanced Club. It was truly an honour but also a surprise as I did not expect it.  Thank you Golden Gavel for this honour.

It got me thinking about Leadership and Toastmasters. For the first ten years of my TI life, I  was unaware of the benefits of the leadership track in TI. I was only interested in speaking, connecting and bonding with those like-minded individuals who have the same passion for self-development as I did.  Because I enjoyed the common ground found at meetings I powered through various committee roles, including President, as  there was no one else to do it, without paying heed to any learning, and thus missed out on a great opportunity to grow and develop true leadership.

I look back amazed at how much I have grown… but also how much TI has grown. Without a doubt this organisation has become a world leader in both communication and leadership development. With an excess of 270,000 members scattered across 14 global regions, found in almost every country on the globe, it is truly the best investment (each meeting costing the price of a Big Mac and Coke) you can make in yourself.  By attending a meeting at one of the 13,000 clubs, you are immediately part of a series of learn-by-doing workshops, which form a sustainable education programme that is based on  life-long, sound bite self-learning,

That is not all!! There is more…. Much more…   becoming visible only when you truly get involved in the leadership track which begins with completing of the Competent Leadership Manual.

We know that we live in complex world spinning out of control, everyone trying to do things cheaper, faster, better in order to compete for survival. We also know that many of the challenges facing the world today are the result of poor communication and toxic leadership.  Every man and his dog talks about leadership!  Everywhere you look there are books and seminars on leadership. Hundreds and thousands of rands and especially dollars are spent on leadership development – yet every day in every way we are live with the results of appalling leadership.

Why ?

Leadership is not a course you can go on, get the piece of paper and hey presto you are a leader!  Leadership is a process, a journey of self-development, passing through a number of levels of leadership.  Since I became the division governor, I realised how amazing the TI leadership journey is because it takes you step-by-step through all the levels of leadership …. Provided you follow the manuals and commit to carrying out our responsibilities reliably.  Attached is TI Leadership Levels to show how it works:

Three profound things I learn are:

  1. We don’t recycle leaders – leaders must keep growing, moving to new positions, designing visions, missions and toolkits to get us there, otherwise they become toxic in their style – we take on the leadership job for one year max (three if we are coordinators) and then we move on to make space for new leaders  – the minute a leader stays in the same position longer than the required period that is when problems arise, dictatorship sets in. Megalomaniacs suffer from the leaders for life syndrome, and we know what the result of that is.
  2. Immediate Pasts are the great mentors that keep this global organisation thriving – the immediate past presidents and the immediate past governors are our secret weapon, our Magic Mentors, our atomic missiles… their selfless giving is where servant leadership comes from
  3. Every level of leadership requires different skills to ensure success

With mounting complexity and interdependence and the increasing pace of change in organizational environments, leadership agility has become a much-needed competency. The ability to connect with others using many methods, is an essential trait for success. Keep learning, growing and adapting. Your journey of connecting with others begins now!


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