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Let’s Begin the Celebrations!!!

Let us Celebrate!
Merry Christmas to all my family, friends and colleagues … ho, ho, ho, – it is a season to be jolly, and jolly we can be, because today we are not only a celebration of the birthday of Christ, we are also paying tribute to a way of life that has contributed many things to the world, things that have improved the quality of our everyday lives that we often take for granted … First and foremost the internet and the cell phone, connecting us all to one another and making this blog possible, the printing press, the motor car, my dishwasher (what a blessing on a day such as this), the liberation of women (just as well other I would not have been allowed to write on this page or perhaps even had the ability to write), medicine and many, many more products and services of modern day existence. These beliefs of freedom of the individual coupled with love for thy neighbour have created a culture that has added more to the world than it has taken away …. since the ancient Greeks … so let us celebrate with pride and give thanks to our ancestors who were always focused on progress and prosperity through a high work ethic, an inquiring mind and unquestionable belief in the elevation of the human spirit ….. we have created a great world that is getting greater by the day … a world that is becoming more just … more fair …… more united … looking forward to 2012

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