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Making my bed every morning has a number of benefits: starts my day positive, effective and productive. There are days, especially when I am in a hurry when I don’t have time to make my bed properly; I don’t shake the fitted sheet or smooth out the wrinkles and tuck in the corners. I just pull on the duvet and readjust the pillows. Sure my room looks neat and tidy, but guess what…….. when I get into bed that night, I have a restless sleep. So you would think that I would learn never to cut corners when making my bed….. isn’t that what a reasonable person would do? Learn from our mistakes? Make better decisions so that we can better deal with their consequences – invest FIVE MINUTES more making my bed so that we can earn EIGHT HOURS in restful and pleasant sleep. As an intelligent human being would it not be fair to say that one night in a badly made bed would be enough to help me make better choices for my actions regarding my bed-making, especially knowing that I have to lie in it? So why is it that now and again I jeopardise my sleep…… by my unproductive behaviour?
Productivity equals value divided by time – the time put in to get something of value out. I don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that five minutes of my time gives me a huge return, eight hours of restful sleep, which is out of proportion with the investment of five minutes…. So why do I keep up my corner cutting and jeopardising my sleep?
The answer lies in how I have programmed myself to react in those “make it happen” moments – the many micro behaviours that I am continuously involved in ……those moments that make such a huge impact on the quality of my life………. ‘making the bed’ moments ………. ‘putting one more biscuit in my mouth’ moment …… ‘letting the insulting word out’ moment ….. ‘allowing that negative thought into my space’ moment …….
We all believe that our life will change when we get the right job, the right intimate partner, the right house ……… the right money ……. etc….. what we learn, however, is that our life really changes in those ‘make it happen’ moments ……. the moments when we decide to make the bed properly……. the moments when we decide to prepare a healthy meal ….. the moment when we decide to stop a negative word coming out of our mouths …….
I believe that the quality of my life is determined not by the amount of money I make, not by my status in the community, nor even my relationships, intimate or otherwise. The quality of my life is determined by those moments when I make those micro decisions that have such a huge impact on my life …… because it is those moments when my true character shines through ……… it is those ‘make it happen moments’ that show me who I really am…. not who I think I am ….. or who others think I am …….
It is those micro decisions we make continuously that create the twists and turns of our life ……. because we all suffer the consequences of what we do ….. whether we believe it or not ……. we make our beds and then lie in them ……

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