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Let’s Get Started! Success here I come!

The Resolution
Making New Year’s Resolution is the easiest thing on earth but how do we keep them when the celebrations are done and the rebooting has begun? A new year begins with great hope, another shot at success ……. Caught up in the enthusiasm of a fresh start we throw ourselves with wild abandon at a vast list of goals ….. to upgrade our knowledge, our health, our relationships and our motivations… we want to stay in the game ….. even get ahead of the game ….. we know we have so much untapped potential …….. we get excited with the anticipation of this awesome journey of self-discovery and progress …. We have a chance to refresh our capabilities and reinforce our confidence so that we can boost our efforts in getting where we want to be……… and we know the secret to any triumph is to get started. This time we will stick to our plan ….. yes we will!

The Problem
BAM … very soon, in fact as soon as we get back to work, the backsliding begins, and we fall into our old habits of thinking, feeling, being and doing….. and very soon all our goals are thrown out the window …. Our goals are doomed because we don’t give them enough time to move us into new landscapes, physical, intellectual, social and psychological landscapes. We decide that our goals are too big, our delusions of grandeur too punishing, and our resolutions too daunting. We prevent our friends and those who believe in us to give us support and even get angry when we are reminded of our resolutions. The new journal we bought to record progress sits empty. The list of rewards we have compiled become the consolation prize rather than a celebration for reaching a milestone. And the unearned pampering reduces our self-esteem….
We are constantly wailing and winging ….. and neglect even simple goals such as updating our cv, or going to the gym twice a week ….. Instead we climb onto the treadmill of ‘musts’ and ignore our ‘wants’.

The Solution
Follow me on twitter @FKazan, and I pledge to keep you motivated so that you can get started and learn new habits to keep going, because there are two mistakes that we make along the road to victory …. not going all the way, and not starting…… And the reasons we give …. ‘I don’t have time…,’, ‘I don’t have money …….’, ‘I don’t know how …’
I will share with you ways to stay on track long enough to shift your thinking and to gain the skills to grow your career and your life that will cost you no money and very little time – wwo minutes a day will keep you moving forward ….

If you are not progressing it is because you do not want to take the first step ….

Only you can make the decisions …..

You have to decide that you are not going to stay where you are, that you want to get somewhere in life ….. the second step will be to decide to get started, to overcome your inertia and just begin …..and the next step is to follow me on twitter …. So that you can do great things with your life….
I will help set achievable goals, accept that not succeeding is not the same as failure, eliminate excuses and keep you on track all year so that you can do what you know you need to do to get where you want to go ….

Remember that you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great!

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